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Who we are

BIOBES is an Albanian company that operates in the field of production, collection, processing and export of aromatic and medicinal plants. This business is created as a continuity of small family business that the parents of the Mr. Besnik Koçi has managed since 1992.

BIOBES collaborates closely with small familiar farms in rural areas that have tradition in the field of cultivation and wild flora collection of aromatic and medicinal plants. BIOBES has a portfolio of more than 100 products that come wild collection or cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants in Albania.

Organic production is in the focus of the company and organic MAPs cover an important part in the wide spectrum of our products. Major part of aromatic and medicinal plants are certified according to European Organic Standard and United Stated Organic Standard NOP. Besides, our company has special positive approach for the environment protection. BIOBES and its partners apply practices that are friendly to the environment and make sustainable exploitation of wild flora of aromatic and medicinal plants.

BIOBES has invested in drying and processing lines that preserve the quality of aromatic plants and prepare the product according to our clients demand. Thanks to the processing, we do not only export raw products, but also final products for consumption, if this is demanded by our clients.

BioBes Factory

Our history

First steps into industry

BIOBES is created based on a small family business that has been managed by the parents of Mr. Besnik Koçi. In 1992, the farm was managing an agricultural land of 3 ha, from which 2 ha were cultivated with medicinal and aromatic plants.

First certification

In 2010, Z. Besnik Koçi, just returned from a long emigration, started to expand the cultivated area with medicinal and aromatic plants, through purchase and renting of new lands. In this year, the farm of Mr. Besnik Koçi is included in the system of organic certification according to European Standard EC 834/07.


In 2014, z. Besnik Koçi established the company BIOBES Ltd, on the basis of the family farm that he was managing. In this year, the assets of the family farm and the organic certified products are registered under the property of new established company.

New warehouse

In 2016, our company built a new warehouse which consists of the latest technology in construction. Also, in this year we invested in new processing lines and machineries for drying, cleaning, cutting and grading of medicinal and aromatic plants.

Cluster Creation

In 2019, BIOBES certifies its products according to Organic Standard of United States, NOP. Also, in this year the company invested in lines and equipment for production of essential oils. In 2019, BIOBES started a new project in collaboration with the donor Risi Albania and Swiss Cooperation Agency. In the area of Tepelene we established a cluster, which is an organization form that includes harvesters of wild collection, farmers that cultivate MAPs, regional collectors, exports companies of MAPs, independent experts of sector and representatives of Municipality. The focus of this organization is sustainable use of natural resources, promotion of cultivation of MAPs, and advocacy.

Herbs Collection