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Biobes Sh.P.K. is co-investing with HELVETAS and Sonnentor within the OT4D project financed by the Swiss Confederation / State Secretariat for Economic Affairs - SECO

The project aims to: Improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the BMA sector in Albania through the production of high-quality products based on the increase of capacities, the exchange of knowledge, the application of advanced technologies and organic production.

The call we are opening for the offer of advanced machinery is aimed at helping our farmers to produce organic products in quantity and quality at reduced costs.

*This opening call for offers for machines such as Harvester-loader with the following specifications:

1.To be a specialized machine for the collection of aromatic medicinal plants such as Peppermint, Taraxacum officinalis, Calendula officinalis, Lavandula spp etc.

2. To harvest cultivated medicinal plants without damaging the quality and quantity of the product at low costs. The cutting height is controlled by a hydraulic device which guarantees precise control of the working height without damaging or mistreating the crop on the ground. The weight of the cutting unit can be adjusted to best suit each type of crop.

3.To be easy to control, comfortable and safe for the health of the person who will used it.

The car must not pollute the environment and must not have a negative impact on the environment and humans.

# Various options will be investigated:

a.Gas Energy

b.Biomass burner

Please also include information about the Service or Warranty, and your price offer.

Offers must be sent with complete information from 01 February 2023 to  until 17 February 2023.