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Family Icon Family: Asteraceae
Area Icon Area: Albania
Period Icon Period of Harvest:
Categories: Seed

Sylibum marianum


Milk thistle is an annual or biennial plant of the family Asteraceae. Milk thistles can grow to be 30 to 200 cm tall, and have an overall conical shape. The approximate maximum base diameter is 160 cm. The stem is grooved and more or less cottony. The largest specimens have hollow stems.

The leaves are oblong to lanceolate. They are either lobate or pinnate, with spiny edges. They are hairless, shiny green, with milk-white veins. The flower heads are 4 to 12 cm long and wide, of red-purple colour. The bracts are hairless, with triangular, spine-edged appendages, tipped with a stout yellow spine. The achenes are black, with a simple long white pappus, surrounded by a yellow basal ring.