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Family Icon Family: Rosaceae
Area Icon Area: Albania
Period Icon Period of Harvest:
Categories: Herb Leaves

Pyrus communis

Pear leaves

A medium sized, upright growing tree, to 2.5 – 5.5 m in cultivation. Pear tree size is heavily dependent on rootstock and training system. Leaves are elliptic/ovate with acute tips, with finely serrate or entire margins, 5 – 10 cm in length. Flowers are about 2.5 cm in diameter with white petals, and similar to apple except for having longer pedicels.

The inflorescence is corymbose, containing 5-7 flowers. As in apple, the fleshy edible portion is derived from hypanthium tissue. There are 5 central seed cavities, usually bearing 2 seeds each as in apple. The flesh contains grit cells (termed brachysclereids), which are thick-walled, lignified cells that give the characteristic European pear flesh texture.