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Family Icon Family: Juglandaceae
Area Icon Area: Albania
Period Icon Period of Harvest: July - August
Categories: Herb Leaves

Juglandis nigra


Walnut is a decidous tree that grows up 30 m. The bark is typically grey-black and deeply furrowed into thin ridges that gives the bark a diamond shaped pattern.

The buds are pale silky and covered in downy hairs. The terminal buds are ovate, and 8 mm long, and slightly longer than broad, the lateral buds are smaller and superposed. The branches are reddish brown to brown and the buds are round to slightly oval.

The leaves are pinnate and grow up to 60 cm. The single leaflets are ovate, the leaf margin is serrated and the leaf arrangement is alternate. The leaves fall off in autumn relatively early. Black walnut is monoecious.

The male (staminate) flowers are in drooping catkins 8–10 cm long. These are borne from axilary buds on the previous year's growth. The female (pistillate) flowers are terminal, in clusters of two to five on the current year's growth.