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Family Icon Family: Rosaceae
Area Icon Area: Albania
Period Icon Period of Harvest: July - August
Categories: Herb Leaves

Fragaria vesca

Wild strawberry

Wild strawberry a perennial herb. Plants are erect, in rosette form, and 15-30 cm tall. Leaves are thin and light green, lighter coloured and slightly hairy underneath, with large sharp serrations.

Flowers are white, 1.3 cm in diameter and are bisexual. The fruit is well-known: yellow or red, hemispherical with soft, pulpy flesh and highly aromatic. Seeds are small, raised and prominent on the outside of the flesh.

Flower parts are in whorls and the outer two whorls of the wild strawberry flower consist of a whorl of five narrow bracts, alternating in alignment with an inner whorl of five wider sepals. Interior to the sepals is a whorl of five white petals. Flowers have 20 stamens.